KTG International B.V.

Food is our life

Who are we?

We are a family owned company. As we are in food and food production all our lives, we have a wide international network. The start was in the primary production of agriculture. Through the years we focused on international trade and the devlopment of new products.

Where are we?

Our base is in the city of Groningen also the name of the northern province in The Netherlands. Here we find a good mix of rural area and all facilities of a university city.


We travel qiute a lot. This gives us the great opportunity to meet people, make friends and build long lasting relationships. Hereby a impression of the traveling

Family and tradition

For us our family is the basis of all we undertake and do. We cherich our traditions and love to share this with you


Our main product, and the one we love most, is potatoes. We trade seed as well as consumption potatoes. Potatoes for starch industrie is a rather new shoot in our portfolio

Meet us in Groningen

You are most welcome to visit us in Groningen



The written histrory of the city Groningen starts in 1040. Through  archaeological finds we know Groningen did exist in  3950-3720 B.C. Now it is a vibrant city with over 200.000 recidents. With approximately 57.000 students you may call it a student city. A good mixture of international residents in combination with a historical city centre makes Groningen worth to visit.

In Groningen life is easy going. With many different kind of  restaurants, bars and clubs you will find your vibe in THE city.